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Chartres Lodging Group         
The Chartres Lodging Group, LLC, is an advisory and investment firm focused on the property management, asset management, renovation and development of lodging assets. It has been responsible for over $9 billion of hospitality investments and assets comprising over 100 upscale and luxury hotels, resorts and conference centers.
John Chartres         
John Anthony Chartres; Chartres, John
John Anthony Chartres (born January 1946) is the former professor of economic and social history at the University of Leeds. He is a specialist in the economic history of agriculture in England.
School of Chartres         
Chartres School; Chartres school; Cathedral school at Chartres; Cathedral school of Chartres
During the High Middle Ages, the Chartres Cathedral established the cathedral School of Chartres, an important center of French scholarship located in Chartres. It developed and reached its apex during the transitional period of the 11th and 12th centuries, at the start of the Latin translation movement.