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Chase Child Life Program         
The Chase Child Life Program addresses the social, emotional and developmental needs of children dealing with the stress of illness and hospitalization. Child Life Specialists provide opportunities for children of all ages to master the healthcare experience by preparing and supporting them through medical procedures.
Thornton Chase         
  • Baháʼí Temple near Chicago]] for the Feast of [[Ridván]], noting especially Thornton Chase with the ✚ above him.
  • Chase's grave in [[Inglewood Park Cemetery]], [[Los Angeles]] as it appeared in 1920.
  • Baháʼís in Egypt]].
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Chase, Thornton; James B. Chase
Thornton Chase (February 22, 1847 – September 30, 1912) was a distinguished officer of the United States Colored Troops during the American Civil War, and the first western convert to the Baháʼí Faith.
Car chase         
  • The aftermath of a fatal collision between a suspect and another vehicle following a pursuit in [[Minneapolis]], [[Minnesota]]
  • [[California Highway Patrol]] cruisers stopping a suspect that was fleeing in a car, 2018
  • [[Seattle Police Department]] cruisers responding to a vehicle pursuit, 2015
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A car chase is the vehicular overland chase of one party by another, involving at least one automobile or other wheeled motor vehicle in pursuitcommonly hot pursuit of suspects by law enforcers. The rise of the automotive industry in the 20th century increased car ownership, leading to a growing number of criminals attempting to evade police in their own vehicle or a stolen car.