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Combs (textiles); Combed cotton; Combing wool
  • Noble comber in [[Bradford]]

·Impf & ·p.p. of Comb.
Combing is a method for preparing carded fibre for spinning. Combing is divided into linear and circular combing.
·noun Hair arranged to be worn on the head.
II. Combing ·noun ·see Coamings.
III. Combing · & ·vb.n. of Comb.
IV. Combing ·noun That which is caught or collected with a comb, as loose, tangled hair.
V. Combing ·noun The act or process of using a comb or a number of combs; as, the combing of one's hair; the combing of wool.



Combing is a method for preparing carded fibre for spinning. Combing aligns fibers in parallel before spinning to produce a smoother, stronger, and more lustrous yarn. The process of combing is accompanied by gilling, a process of evening out carded or combed top making it suitable for spinning. Combing separates out short fibres by means of a rotating ring or rectilinear row of steel pins. The fibres in the 'top' it produces have been straightened and lie parallel to each other. When combing wool, the discarded short fibres are called noils, and are ground up into shoddy.

In general, there are two main systems of preparing fibre for yarn: the worsted system and the woollen system. The worsted system is defined by the removal of short fibres by combing and top preparation by gilling. In the woollen system, short fibres are retained, and it may or may not involve combing.

Combing is divided into linear and circular combing. The Noble comb is an example of circular combing. The French comb is an example of linear combing.

Pronunciation examples for Combed
1. ♫ and hot combed hair. ♫
2. their hair combed and braided.
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3. But when I fine-combed my area, I
Rethink Your Waste _ Bea Johnson, Bettina Limaco & Michael O’Heaney
4. For years after the tragedy, I combed through memories,
5. He looked unkempt, like his hair was, like, not combed.
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Examples of use of Combed
1. Police also combed a wooded area in High Wycombe.
2. Dodd combed aside her black hair, matted by blood.
3. As accident investigators combed the crash site for c...
4. Security forces combed Nalchik for militants over the weekend.
5. Journalists, sympathetic and unsympathetic, have combed through her early years.