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Combined Nomenclature         
  • Computers simplify trade
Favourable tariff arrangement; Nimexe; Combined nomenclature
Council Regulation (EEC) No 2658/87 of 23 July 1987, creates the goods nomenclature called the Combined Nomenclature, or in abbreviated form 'CN', established to meet, at one and the same time, the requirements both of the Common Customs Tariff and of the external trade statistics of the European Union.
Nomenclature codes         
Biological name; Biological nomenclature; Codes of biological nomenclature; Nomenclature Codes; Codes of nomenclature; Ambiregnal; Ambiregnal protist; Nomenclature code; Nomenclatural code; Rules of nomenclature; BioCode
Nomenclature codes or codes of nomenclature are the various rulebooks that govern biological taxonomic nomenclature, each in their own broad field of organisms. To an end-user who only deals with names of species, with some awareness that species are assignable to families, it may not be noticeable that there is more than one code, but beyond this basic level these are rather different in the way they work.
specific epithet         
  • [[Carl Linnaeus]] (1707{{ndash}}1778), a Swedish botanist, invented the modern system of binomial nomenclature
  • The bacterium ''Escherichia coli'', commonly shortened to ''E. coli''
  • ''Erithacus rubecula superbus'', the Tenerife robin or petirrojo
  • ''[[Echinopsis pachanoi]]'', the San Pedro cactus
  • ''Magnolia hodgsonii''
Binomial name; Scientific name; Latin name; Binomial names; Botanic name; Binomial system of nomenclature; Binomen; Binary name; Binary nomenclature; Species name; Latin binomial; Binomial classification; Binomial Classification System; Bionomial nomenclature; Latin names; Scientific authority; Binominal nomenclature; Principle of Binominal nomenclature; Genus Species; Species Latin name abbreviations; Scientific names; Linnean nomenclature; Species Latin name; Latin taxonomy; Binomial Nomenclature; Binomial authority; Scientific naming; Species name (biology); Binomina; Naming a species; Scientifically named; Species names; Binomial (biology); Binominal; Species binomial; Specific epithet; Binominal name; Binomial authorities; Trivial name (biology); Nomen triviale; Accepted name
¦ noun chiefly Botany & Microbiology the second element in the Latin binomial name of a species, which distinguishes the species from others in the same genus.