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Combined cycle power plant         
  • Topping and bottoming cycles
  • Working principle of a combined cycle power plant (Legend: 1-Electric generators, 2-Steam turbine, 3-Condenser, 4-Pump, 5-Boiler/heat exchanger, 6-Gas turbine)
  • Explanation of the layout and principle of a combined cycle power generator.
  • natural gas-fired power station]] in [[Contra Costa County]], [[California]].
  • Heat transfer from hot gases to water and steam
Topping cycle; Bottoming cycle; Combined-cycle; NGCC; Combined cycle gas turbine; Combined cycle plant; Combined-cycled; Integrated solar combined cycle; Combined Cycle Gas Turbine; Combined-cycle gas turbine; Combined-cycle power station; Natural gas combined cycle; Combined cycle; Combined cycle power generation
A combined cycle power plant is an assembly of heat engines that work in tandem from the same source of heat, converting it into mechanical energy. On land, when used to make electricity the most common type is called a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant.
Binary cycle         
  • Coolant}}
  • 440x440px
Binary power plant system; Binary cycle plant; Binary cycle geothermal plant; Binary cycle geothermal power plant; Binary power plant; Binary cycle technology; Binary plant; Binary cycle power plant; Binary cycle power station
A binary cycle is a method for generating electrical power from geothermal resources and employs two separate fluid cycles, hence binary cycle. The primary cycle extracts the geothermal energy from the reservoir, and secondary cycle converts the heat into work to drive the generator and generate electricity.
Essar Hazira Power Plant         
Essar Combined Cycle Power Plant
Essar Hazira Power Plant is a gas-based thermal power plant located near at Hazira in Surat district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The power plant is operated by the Essar Energy.
Examples of use of Combined cycle power plant
1. BHEL and NTPC are working on an 125 mw integrated gasification combined cycle power plant at an investment of Rs. 750 crore, Puri said.
2. The projects approved by the IDB include $60.2 million for sewerage systems in nine wilayats in Oman, $10'.3 million in lease financing for the Dier Al Zoor combined cycle power plant in Syria and $12.5 million towards participation in the share capital to establish an insurance company (Takaful) in the UAE.
3. In the energy sector, ECNEC approved a 450–500 MW combined cycle power plant in Chichoki Mallian at a cost of Rs 18.050 billion, a oil–fired thermal power station at Jamshoro units 2, 3 and 4 at a cost of Rs 8.74' billion and a feasibility study costing Rs 545.7 million for a detailed engineering design and the preparation of tender documents for the Kohala hydropower project.
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