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Combined forced and natural convection         
Combined forced convection and natural convection, or mixed convection, occurs when natural convection and forced convection mechanisms act together to transfer heat. This is also defined as situations where both pressure forces and buoyant forces interact.
Atmospheric convection         
  • Conditions favorable for thunderstorm types and complexes
  • Cumulonimbus cloud over the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston, Texas
  •  A downburst
  • The F5 tornado that struck [[Elie, Manitoba]] in 2007.
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  • Stages of a thunderstorm's life.
Convection (meteorology); Deep convection; Convective rainfall; Storm convection; Convection (weather); Moist convection; Convective winds
Atmospheric convection is the result of a parcel-environment instability, or temperature difference layer in the atmosphere. Different lapse rates within dry and moist air masses lead to instability.
  • An [[oceanic plate]] is added to by upwelling (left) and consumed at a [[subduction]] zone (right).
  • Simulation of thermal convection in the [[Earth's mantle]]. Hot areas are shown in red, cold areas are shown in blue. A hot, less-dense material at the bottom moves upwards, and likewise, cold material from the top moves downwards.
  • Convection cells in a gravity field
  • right
  • Idealised depiction of the global circulation on Earth
  • An illustration of the structure of the [[Sun]] and a [[red giant]] star, showing their convective zones. These are the granular zones in the outer layers of these stars.
  • This color [[schlieren]] image reveals [[thermal convection]] originating from heat conduction from a human hand (in silhouette) to the surrounding still atmosphere, initially by diffusion from the hand to the surrounding air, and subsequently also as advection as the heat causes the air to start to move upwards.
  • Thermal circulation of air masses
  • Stages of a thunderstorm's life.
Convective; Free convection; Convection current; Convection currents; Natural circulation; Convecting; Convection cooling; Convection Current; Convective Temperature; Free Convection; Global Convection Currents; Heat advection; Global Convection Current; Natural convection; Naural convection; How heat rises; Gravitational convection; Solutal convection; Convective flow; Convectional lifting; Mathematical models of convection
·adj Caused or accomplished by convection; as, a convective discharge of electricity.