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Combo organ         
  • A Continental organ by Vox, the same model heard on "[[Light My Fire]]" by [[The Doors]] and "[[In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida]]" by [[Iron Butterfly]].
Combo organs
A combo organ, so-named and classified by popular culture due to its original intended use by small, touring jazz, pop and dance groups known as "combo bands", as well as some models having "Combo" as part of their brand or model names, is an electronic organ of the frequency divider type, generally produced between the early 1960s and the late 1970s. This type of organ predated, and contributed largely to, the development of modern synthesizers.
Electric organ         
  • Yamaha]] [[Electone]] STAGEA ELS-01). Though it resembles a 1950s spinet organ in appearance, its digital tone generators and synthesis modules can imitate hundreds of instruments.
  • Hammond]] S-6). Array of buttons on left side are used to play chords.
  • 400px
  • A modern digital combo organ using DSP technology ([[Nord Electro]] 2).
  • Hammond]] [[Novachord]] (1939)
  • Johannus]] 'Rembrandt,' an example of a large digital organ
  • Schematics of Frequency divider organ using ''transformer-divider'' (In French)
  • A combo organ ([[Vox Continental]]) using [[transistor]]s<!-- and frequency divider-->. It's light, compact and portable.
Electric Organ; Spinet organ; Digital Organ; Orgatron; Frequency divider organ; Home organ; Electrostatic organ; Electrostatic reed organ; Electric organ (musical instrument); Electrical organ; Electronic organ; Digital organ
An electric organ, also known as electronic organ, is an electronic keyboard instrument which was derived from the harmonium, pipe organ and theatre organ. Originally designed to imitate their sound, or orchestral sounds, it has since developed into several types of instruments:
hand organ         
  • Detail of inner part of barrel organ
Hand organ; Barrel Organ; Barrel-organ; Barrel-Organ; Drehorgel; Roller organ; Orgue de Barbarie; Organetto a manovella; Cylinder organ; Grinder organ; Low Countries organ; Organo tedesco; Orgue à manivelle; Leierkasten; Waltzenorgel; Barbary organ
n. to grind, play a hand organ