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What (who) is Combretum leprosum - definition

Combretum leprosum         
Combretum leprosum, the mofumbo in Portuguese and the asucaró in eastern Bolivian Spanish, is a plant species in the genus Combretum found throughout the Amazon Basin.
Combretum quadrangulare         
Combretum attenuatum
Combretum quadrangulare is a small tree of the family Combretaceae, up to 10 m high. The tree grows wildly or is planted in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
Combretum kraussii         
Combretum kraussi; Forest bushwillow
Combretum kraussii, the forest bushwillow, is a medium-sized to large tree of eastern South Africa, Eswatini and southern Mozambique, which is found within, or in the vicinity of forests. The specific name commemorates Dr.