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Come Organisation         
Come Organisation was a record label started by William Bennett in 1979 as a way to release albums by his own band, Come, when he was unable to find a label willing to release them. It is best known for releasing the work of Bennett's subsequent band, Whitehouse.
Cosimo Ruggeri         
Côme Ruggieri
Cosimo Ruggeri, in France called Côme Ruggieri (died 28 March 1615), was an Italian astrologer, favorite and influential adviser of the queen regent of France, Catherine de Medici. He was the subject of many legends in the folklore of Catherine de Medici, and reputed as a master of the occult, black magic and witchcraft during his lifetime.
Côme Clausse         
Come Clausse
Côme (or Cosmo) Clausse lord Marchaumont (1530? – 1558) was a notary and secretary of the king, and was Secretary of State for King Henry II of France, from 1547 until his death in 1558.