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Come and sing         
A come and sing event is a temporary choir ("scratch choir") that rehearses and/or performs choral music, often within a single day.
Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)         
Sing, Swing, Sing; Sing, Sing, Sing; Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing); Sing, Sing, Sing (song)
"Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)" is a 1936 song, with music and lyrics by Louis Prima, who first recorded it with the New Orleans Gang. Brunswick Records released it on February 28, 1936"Louis Prima in Chronology 1935-1936" album; Complete jazz Series Collection; Classics (viewed on Google Play Music) on the 78rpm record format, with "It's Been So Long" as the B-side.
I Come for to Sing         
I Come for to Sing was a folk music revue performed by Chicago musicians and singers Win Stracke, Big Bill Broonzy and Larry Lane. The program was narrated by Studs Terkel.
Pronunciation examples for Come and sing
1. you're invited to come and sing it first,
2. People will come to cook, people will eat, they will come and sing.
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3. We actually had Sister Sledge come and sing, "We are Family."
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Examples of use of Come and sing
1. They paid a famous American star $3 million to come and sing,» he said.
2. And it was undoubtedly these same thugs that put bricks through the stained–glass windows after the church invited a black gospel choir to come and sing.
3. I want him to come and sing with us in Edinburgh." The Group of Eight club of rich nations will meet in Gleneagles, Scotland, on July 6–8 and Geldof has called on people to march to nearby Edinburgh to demonstrate for action to relieve poverty.