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Come from the Heart         
Come From the Heart
"Come from the Heart" is a country music song written by Richard Leigh and Susanna Clark and published in 1987. It is most known through the 1989 single by Kathy Mattea, released in conjunction with her album Willow in the Wind, though the song was first recorded and released on the 1987 Don Williams album Traces and also released in 1988 by Clark's husband on his album Old Friends.
Tales from the Heart         
Tales from the Heart is the title of a series of comic books and graphic novels, written by Cindy Goff and Rafael Nieves and illustrated by Seitu Hayden. Told through the eyes of protagonist Cathy Grant, the comics detail the adventures of a Peace Corps volunteer in the Central African Republic in the mid-1980s.
The Law and the Heart         
The Law & the Heart: Stories to Bend the Mind & Soul is a collection of science fiction short stories by American writer Kenneth Schneyer. It was first published by Stillpoint/Prometheus in paperback and ebook in May 2014.
Pronunciation examples for Come from the Heart
1. to come from the heart and not from the head,
Personal & Professional Compassion _ Dayamrita Chaitanya _ Talks at Google
2. You've come from the heart of Silicon Valley.
Alpha Girls _ Julian Guthrie & Sonja Hoel Perkins _ Talks at Google
3. And if it doesn't come from the heart,
Personal & Professional Compassion _ Dayamrita Chaitanya _ Talks at Google
4. As much as we feel like we want to come from the heart
The Modern Quest for Human Connection _ Taylor Conroy _ Talks at Google
5. that my instruments come from the heart of modern Europe, yes.
Examples of use of Come from the Heart
1. "When Obama speaks, it seems to come from the heart," she said.
2. "It cannot be perfunctory and it must come from the heart.
3. Apologies, which are supposed to come from the heart, have been turned into an art form.
4. But he does come from the heart, I can promise you that." Arthur and the Minimoys is published by Faber at 5.''.
5. Gulmurad added, "I am sure electronic music cannot create for enjoyment, because its sound does not come from the heart – it’s mostly pre–recorded.