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Comedy festival         
A comedy festival is a celebration of comedy with many shows, venues, comedy performers (such as stand up comics, sketch troupes, variety performers, etc.) and is held over a specific block of time.
Glasgow International Comedy Festival         
Glasgow International Comedy Festival is a comedy festival in Glasgow, Scotland. The comedy festival started in 2002 and is held annually in March in venues across the city.
High Plains Comedy Festival         
High Plains Comedy Festival is a comedy festival held each August in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2013 by Denver comedian/writer Adam Cayton-Holland and comedian/producer Andy Juett.
Pronunciation examples for Comedy festival
1. Which was a Comedy Festival.
Oh, Hello on Broadway _ Nick Kroll, John Mulaney + More _ Talks at Google
2. the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival,
3. watch the CNN report on the second Amman Comedy Festival.
4. helps produce, and that's an all-Asian comedy festival
Asian AF Comedy Show _ Talks at Google
5. I know we've done the Comedy Comedy Festival that Will also
Asian AF Comedy Show _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Comedy festival
1. The threat level in the US went from yellow to funny when thousands packed Los Angeles theatre clubs to attend an Arab–American comedy festival last week.
2. When we all met up in 1''8, at a comedy festival in Aspen, John Cleese was very keen for us to get a Python stage show together – then Eric did a lot of work setting it up.
3. "I will use all my leverage to end this show properly, even if it means I have to do all the voices myself and call people up to read it over the phone," he reportedly said at a New York Comedy Festival event over the weekend.
4. Dean Obeidallah co–founder and co–executive producer of the New York Arab–American Comedy Festival (NYAACF), a vehicle for Arab–American comedic talent, said: "It‘s an uprising – it‘s our intifada, comedy style." Debuting in 2003 to sold–out New York audiences, the NYAACF has served as a medium to combat negative mainstream stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims which existed after the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.
5. In addition to "Pride and Prejudice," the best British film nominees are "The Constant Gardener"; Michael Winterbottom‘s freewheeling adaptation of an 18th–century novel "A Cock And Bull Story"; backstage Edinburgh Fringe comedy "Festival"; and clay–animation romp "Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were–Rabbit." The best–actor category pits Fiennes, Strathairn and Ledger against "Capote" star Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, for his depiction of country legend Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line." Best–actress nominees are Judi Dench for "Mrs.