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What (who) is Comesperma drummondii - definition

Comesperma drummondii         
Comesperma drummondii, commonly known as Drummond's milkwort, is a slender herb in the family Polygalaceae. It is a perennial herb growing to between 20 cm and 1.
Comesperma scoparium         
Comesperma scoparia; Bredemeyera scoparia
Comesperma scoparium, commonly known as broom milkwort, is a small broom-like shrub of the family Polygalaceae. It usually grows to between 0.
Cirsium drummondii         
Carduus drummondii; Cirsium coccinatum; Cnicus drummondii
Cirsium drummondii, called Drummond's thistle, dwarf thistle or short-stemmed thistle, is a North American species of plant in the tribe Cardueae within the family Asteraceae. The species is native to central and western Canada, in every province from Ontario to British Columbia, plus the Northwest Territories.