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Comet dust      
Comet dust refers to cosmic dust that originates from a comet. Comet dust can provide clues to comets' origin.
Comet Nucleus Dust and Organics Return      
Comet Nucleus Dust and Organics Return (CONDOR) is a mission concept to retrieve a sample from comet 67P/Churyumov–GerasimenkoCOmet Nucleus Dust and Organics Return (CONDOR): a New Frontiers 4 Mission Proposal. (PDF) M.
Pronunciation examples for Comet dust
1. We know that we're actually the comet dust we're
Rosetta - to Catch a Comet _ Mark McCaughrean
Examples of use of Comet dust
1. Scientists will also be analysing the comet dust for traces of iridium.
2. Meteors are caused by tiny bits of comet dust traveling at speeds of 132,000 mph hitting the Earth‘s atmosphere.
3. It is among the most common minerals in the universe but scientists were surprised to find it in comet dust.
4. Hundreds of microscopic specks of comet dust were collected and returned to Earth after the robotic Stardust spacecraft flew past the comet Wild 2 in 2004.
5. The Hermstmonceux Observatory in East Sussex said a cloud of comet dust had produced a meteor shower which peaked with a display of shooting stars.