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Comic Idol         
  • ''Beano'' stamp issued by [[Royal Mail]] in 2012.
  • The 80th-anniversary comic memorably features characters from the first issue and the rest of 1938. '''Left to right:''' [[Wee Peem]], [[Tin-Can Tommy]], [[Pansy Potter]], [[Lord Snooty]], and Big Fat Joe.
  • The now-defunct ''Beanoland'' at [[Chessington World of Adventures]] in the UK.
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Euan Kerr; Beano (comic); Beanotown; Euan Kerr (editor); Malcolm Judge; Alan Digby; The Beano Comic; Malcom Judge; Beano Manga; Comic idol; Beano comic; Bea and Ivy; The Beano timeline; Beano Video; The Beano Awards; BEANO; Bea & Ivy
Comic Idol is a competition held in The Beano every few years. In it, 3 to 6 new strips (or old strips brought back), run as guest strips in Beano for a few weeks, and the most popular, determined by votes, gets a permanent place in the Beano (although often not lasting forever).
Golden Idol         
  • The original Aztec birthing figure from Dumbarton Oaks.  Recent microscopic analysis of the incisions and drill holes has determined that they were most probably made by modern tools.
  • Chachapoya Sarcophagi of Carajia]].
Hovito Idol; Golden Idol (artifact); Golden Idol (Film); Golden Idol (Artifact); Chachapoyan Fertility Idol; Golden Idol (film)
The Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, more commonly referred to as the Golden Idol, is a fictitious artifact that appears in the opening sequence of the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first entry in the Indiana Jones franchise created by George Lucas (films directed by Steven Spielberg). It is the first relic that the audience sees the protagonist Indiana Jones acquire, establishing him as a treasure hunter.
Matinée idol         
  • access-date=September 3, 2015 }}</ref> An admirer wrote that "his wonderful black hair and soulful eyes are enough to make any young girl adore him" in 1921.<ref name="Barthelmess2">G. C. (1921). [ "What the Fans Think"] ''Picture-Play Magazine''.</ref>
  • [[Rudolph Valentino]] is the epitome of a matinée idol.
Matinée idol is a term used mainly to describe film or theatre stars who are adored to the point of adulation by their fans. The term almost exclusively refers to adult male actors.
Examples of use of Comic Idol
1. The young actor told The Observer that he was stunned to get a phonecall from comic idol Peter Kay.