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Diego de Zúñiga         
Diego de Zuñiga; Didacus a Stunica; Diego de Zuniga
Diego de Zúñiga of Salamanca (sometimes Latinized as Didacus a Stunica) (1536–1597) was an Augustinian Hermit and academic. He is known for publishing an early acceptance of the Copernican theory.
Diego Ortiz de Zúñiga         
Diego Ortiz de Zuñiga; Diego Ortiz de Zuniga
Diego Ortiz de Zúñiga (Seville, 1636 - September 3, 1680 ) was a Spanish historian, writer and nobleman. He wrote Annales eclesiásticos y seculares de la ciudad de Sevilla a work about the events in Seville from 1246 to 1671.
Diego López de Zúñiga (theologian)         
Jacobus Stunica; Diego Lopez de Zuniga (theologian); Diego López de Zúñiga (scholar); Stunica
Diego López de Zúñiga, Latin: Jacobus Lopis Stunica (died 1531 in Naples) was a Spanish humanist and biblical scholar noted for his controversies with Erasmus and Lefèvre d'EtaplesDesiderius Erasmus Opera omnia: Recognita et adnotatione critica instructa notisque ... 1983 "Little, though not - as Bataillon wrote50 - nothing, is known of the life of Jacobus Lopis Stunica, whose Spanish name was Diego López de Zúñiga, until the period of his controversies with Lefèvre d'Etaples and Erasmus which he .