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Diesel Engine; Diesel engines; Medium speed engines; Compression ignition engine; Compression heating ignition; Start of injection; Diesel-engine; High Diesel Injection; Medium speed diesel engine; Diesel motor; Diesel motors; Compression-ignition; Compression ignition; Compression-ignition engine; Diesel knock; Scavenge blower; Solid injection; Diesel internal combustion engines; Diesel internal combustion engine; Diesel propulsion; Diesel propelled; Diesel (fuel); Deisel engine; Diesel vehicle; Diesel car; Direct injection diesel
  • Stationary 12 cylinder turbo-diesel engine coupled to a generator set for auxiliary power
  • inline five-cylinder]] marine diesel engine onboard a 29,000 tonne chemical carrier
  • One of the eight-cylinder 3200 I.H.P. Harland and Wolff – Burmeister & Wain diesel engines installed in the motorship ''Glenapp''. This was the highest powered diesel engine yet (1920) installed in a ship. Note man standing lower right for size comparison.
  • Engine noise of a 1950s [[MWM AKD 112 Z]] two-cylinder diesel engine at idle
  • Detroit Diesel timing
  • pV diagram for the ideal diesel cycle (which follows the numbers 1–4 in clockwise direction). The horizontal axis is the cylinder volume. In the diesel cycle the combustion occurs at almost constant pressure. On this diagram the work that is generated for each cycle corresponds to the area within the loop.
  • Schematic of a two-stroke diesel engine with a roots blower
  • Diesel engine built by Langen & Wolf under licence, 1898
  • An MAN DM trunk piston diesel engine built in 1906. The MAN DM series is considered to be one of the first commercially successful diesel engines.<ref name="Sass_1962_524" />
  • BMW E28 524td]], the first mass-produced passenger car with an electronically controlled injection pump
  • Diesel's second prototype. It is a modification of the first experimental engine. On 17 February 1894, this engine ran under its own power for the first time.<ref name="Diesel_1913_22" /><br /><br />Effective efficiency 16.6% <br />Fuel consumption 519&nbsp;g·kW<sup>−1</sup>·h<sup>−1</sup>
  • Fairbanks Morse model 32
  • First fully functional diesel engine, designed by Imanuel Lauster, built from scratch, and finished by October 1896.<ref name="Diesel_1913_64" /><ref name="Diesel_1913_75" /><ref name="Diesel_1913_78" /><br /><br />Rated power 13.1&nbsp;kW<br />Effective efficiency 26.2% <br />Fuel consumption 324&nbsp;g·kW<sup>−1</sup>·h<sup>−1</sup>.
  • Hand-cranking a boat diesel motor in [[Inle Lake]] ([[Myanmar]]).
  • [[Rudolf Diesel]]'s 1893 patent on a rational heat motor
  • The MAN 630's [[M-System]] diesel engine is a petrol engine (designed to run on NATO F 46/F 50 petrol), but it also runs on jet fuel, (NATO F 40/F 44), kerosene, (NATO F 58), and diesel engine fuel (NATO F 54/F 75)
  • Diesel engine model, right side
  • Diesel engine model, left side
  • Audi R10 TDI, 2006 24 Hours of Le Mans winner.
  • Mercedes-Benz OM 352]], one of the first direct injected Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. It was introduced in 1963, but mass production only started in summer 1964.<ref name="Vogler_2016_34" />
  • Air-cooled diesel engine of a 1959 Porsche 218
  • Ricardo Comet indirect injection chamber
  • Typical early 20th century air-blast injected diesel engine, rated at 59&nbsp;kW.
  • 1952 [[Shell Oil]] film showing the development of the diesel engine from 1877
  • Three English Electric 7SRL diesel-alternator sets being installed at the Saateni Power Station, [[Zanzibar]] 1955
  • Different types of piston bowls
  • Piston of an MAN [[M-System]] centre sphere combustion chamber type diesel engine ([[4 VD 14,5/12-1 SRW]])

Diesel motor         
·add. ·- A type of internal-combustion engine in which the air drawn in by the suction stroke is so highly compressed that the heat generated ignites the fuel (usually crude oil), the fuel being automatically sprayed into the cylinder under pressure. The Diesel engine has a very high thermal efficiency.
General Motors Diesel         
General motors diesel; Diesel Division of General Motors of Canada Ltd.; Diesel Division of General Motors of Canada; General Motor Division, Ltd.
General Motors Diesel was a railway diesel locomotive manufacturer located in London, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1949 as the Canadian subsidiary of the Electro Motive Division of General Motors (EMD).
diesel engine         
(diesel engines)
A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine in which oil is burnt by very hot air. Diesel engines are used in buses and trucks, and in some trains and cars.


Diesel engine

The diesel engine, named after Rudolf Diesel, is an internal combustion engine in which ignition of the fuel is caused by the elevated temperature of the air in the cylinder due to mechanical compression; thus, the diesel engine is called a compression-ignition engine (CI engine). This contrasts with engines using spark plug-ignition of the air-fuel mixture, such as a petrol engine (gasoline engine) or a gas engine (using a gaseous fuel like natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas).

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1. whereas with a diesel motor or any kind of internal combustion engine car,
Examples of use of Diesel motor
1. Regulations governing the matter apply to both private and commercial diesel motor vehicles and will go into effect on September 1, 2007.
2. All three of Japan‘s other major truck makers are now allied with a partner, after Nissan Diesel Motor Co.‘s link–up with Sweden‘s Volvo AB last month.
3. Other motorists have experimented with different concoctions added to cooking oil, including shots of diesel, motor oil, kerosene, pesticides and even air freshener, as ways around Israeli–imposed fuel restrictions in the Gaza Strip.
4. He explained that the need to reduce the diesel motor license fee supplement, saying that diesel and gas prices have recently equalized. (Zvi Zrahiya) Bookmark to del.icio.us Tantura to St.
5. Tim Shallcross, a U.K.–based alternative fuel expert, said any car with an old diesel motor can run on vegetable oil, though over the long term it can cause some rust and clogging of filters.