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Diether Kunerth         
Diether Kunerth (born 1940 in Freiwaldau) is a contemporary artist who lives in Ottobeuren, Upper Swabia.
German destroyer Z17 Diether von Roeder         
  • ''Z9 Wolfgang Zenker'']]. The smaller vessels are captured Norwegian patrol boats.
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Diether von Roeder; Diether von roeder; German destroyer Diether von Roeder (Z17)
Z17 Diether von Roeder was one of six Type 1936 destroyers built for the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in the late 1930s. Completed in 1938, the ship spent most of her time training although she did participate in the occupation of Memel in early 1939.
Diether Posser         
  • Diether Posser.
Diether Posser (9 March 1922 in Essen – 9 January 2010 in Essen) was a German politician, representative of the Social Democratic Party.