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Dietrich Schaeffer         
Dietrich Schaeffer (Berlin, 5 December 1933 – 9 May 2010) was a German SPD politician and political rector.Tagesspiegel
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer         
Susan Schaeffer; Susan Fromberg
Susan Fromberg Schaeffer (March 25, 1940 – August 26, 2011) was an American novelist and poet who was a Professor of English at Brooklyn College for more than thirty years. She won numerous national writing awards and contributed book reviews for the New York Times.
Janet Dietrich         
Jan Dietrich
Janet Christine Dietrich (1926 – June 5, 2008) was an American pilot and one of the Mercury 13 who underwent the same NASA testing in the early 1960s as the Mercury 7 astronauts.