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Difference feminism         
Difference feminist
Difference feminism holds that there are differences between men and women but that no value judgment can be placed upon them and both sexes have equal moral status as persons.
Global feminism         
International Feminism; International feminism; World Feminism; Global Feminism
Global feminism is a feminist theory closely aligned with post-colonial theory and postcolonial feminism. It concerns itself primarily with the forward movement of women's rights on a global scale.
Gypsy feminism         
Gypsy feminism
Gypsy feminism or Romani feminism is the feminist trend that promotes gender equality, the fight against social inequalities and the defense of the integration of women in different movements in society, making these processes compatible with the preservation of culture and values of the Romani people.
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1. And this was a-- it was called difference feminism
Notorious RBG _ Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik _ Talks at Google
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1. Sherry wrote an article describing the jurist as the archetype of "difference feminism," a theory popularized by feminist Carol Gilligan and which holds that men and women reason differently and write in different styles.
2. O‘Connor, she wrote, had a uniquely "feminine perspective"; she consistently valued communities over individuals, moderation over confrontation, wrote in a way that‘s more contextual, less "abstract" and more "caring." But many feminists "balked at the idea that difference feminism could explain a conservative woman," says Sherry.