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Edith Raim         
Edith Raim (born 1965) is a German historian who studies the Nazi era. She grew up in Landsberg am Lech and first became interested in the topic after watching Holocaust as a child.
Rudolf Raimann (botanist)         
BOTANIST (1863–1896)
Rudolf Raimann (1863 – 5 December 1896 in Vienna) was an Austrian botanist.The American Naturalist, Volume 31
Edith Freilich         
Edith Kemp; Edith Seligman; Edith Seamon; Edith Kemp Freilich
Edith Freilich née Seamon (September 8, 1911 - May 14, 2011)Edith S. FreilichEDITH FREILICH was an American bridge player, "one of the world's greatest female bridge players".
Examples of use of Edith Raim
1. Edith Raim, of the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich and an expert on Dachau‘s satellite camps, said that if Lucy Ramberg had been at one of the camps, that fact would have shown up on either the International Tracing Service or Dachau‘s own records.