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Edith Shackleton Heald         
  • Chantry House, Steyning, 2017
Edith Shackleton-Heald; Edith Heald; Edith Shackleton
Edith Shackleton Heald (12 September 1885 – 4 November 1976) was a bisexual British journalist who was the last mistress of the poet W. B.
Nora Heald         
Nora Shackleton Heald
Nora Shackleton Heald (1882 – 5 April 1961) was a British journalist, and the editor of The Queen and later, The Lady, from at least as early as 1948, until 1954.
Avro Shackleton         
  • ''SAAF 1717 0'' on patrol, October 1982
  • RAF Shackleton performing a mail drop in July 1970 for Royal Navy ships on the "[[Beira Patrol]]", blockading Beira to prevent [[Rhodesia]]n oil imports
  • AN/APS-20 radar scanner
  • Front of a Shackleton AEW2. Note the [[contra-rotating propeller]]s
  • 269 Squadron]] with dorsal turret in 1953
  • An RAF Shackleton in flight, 1978
  • Orthographic projection of the Avro Shackleton MR Mk 1A, with profile views of all the other major variants
  • Interior of a Shackleton's [[bomb bay]]
  • Shackleton MR.2 of [[No. 220 Squadron RAF]] in September 1955
  • ''SAAF 1722 P'', the last flying Shackleton MR.3
  • MR.3 XF708 left wing showing outer engine nacelle (left) with propellers at front and Viper turbojet exhaust at rear. Compare with inner nacelle.
  • Bomb aimer's position and [[bombsight]] on ''SAAF 1721 N''
  • Swartkop]]
  • 20 mm Hispano cannon]]s
  • ''SAAF 1716 J'' ('Pelican 16'), crashed in the Sahara in 1994
  • MR3 on display in 2008
  • right
  • Interior of a Shackleton MR.3
  • MR3 Co-pilot position
  • Avro Shackleton Mk 3 at Ysterplaat AFB in South Africa, serial 1722, a.k.a. Pelican 22. Taken 27 May 2017 at engine run-up. No longer flying but considered mostly airworthy.
  • 8 Sqn RAF flew the Shackleton AEW 2 from 1973 to 1991. This example was pictured on 26 June 1982
  • Science and Industry Museum in Manchester]]
  • RAF Shackleton of 224 Squadron flying in formation during the 1954–1959 [[Jebel Akhdar War]] in Oman
Avro Shackelton; Avro 696 Shackleton; Avro Shackleton MR.3; Avro Shackleton AEW.2
The Avro Shackleton is a British long-range maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) which was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the South African Air Force (SAAF). It was developed by Avro from the Avro Lincoln bomber, which itself had been a development of the famous wartime Avro Lancaster bomber.