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Edith Templeton         
Louise Walbrook
Edith Templeton (7 April 1916, in Prague – 12 June 2006, in Bordighera, Italy) was a Bohemian novelist, who also wrote under the pseudonym Louise Walbrook.
Robert Templeton         
  • [[Bronzewinged jacana]]
  • A Ceylon blue oakleaf butterfly ''[[Kallima philarchus]]'' from the Templeton Collection at the Ulster Museum
  • A watercolour plate by Robert Templeton illustrating Sri Lankan butterflies
  • ''Thysanurae hibernicae''Plate 11
Templeton, Robert
Robert Templeton (12 December 1802 – 2 June 1892) was a naturalist, artist, and entomologist, and was born at Cranmore House, Belfast, Ireland.
Rini Templeton         
  • UAM-Xochimilco]] Graphic Design School, Mexico City.
Lucille Corinne Templeton; Templeton, Rinny; Rinny Templeton; Lucille Templeton
Lucille Corinne Templeton (July 1, 1935 – June 15, 1986), better known as "Rini" Templeton, was an American graphic artist, sculptor, and political activist. She was most active in Mexico and the Southwestern United States, although she also volunteered in Cuba and Nicaragua after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the electoral victory of the F.