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Editing of anime in distribution         
  • Usagi's]] nudity is censored by darkening the water.
Censorship in anime; Censorship of Anime; Editing of anime in international distribution; Editing of anime for American distribution; Editing of anime in american distribution; Editing of anime; Editing of anime in American distribution
The content of Japanese animation (anime) is frequently edited by distributors, both for its release in Japan or during subsequent localizations. This happens for a variety for reasons, including translation, censorship, and remastering.
List of years in anime         
Years in anime; List of anime by release date; Table of years in anime
The table of years in anime is a tabular display of all years in anime, for overview and quick navigation to any year.
  • Fruits Basket]]'' (2001), and ''[[Rurouni Kenshin]]'' (1996).
  • A frame from ''[[Namakura Gatana]]'' (1917), the oldest surviving Japanese animated short film made for cinemas
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  • Astro Boy]]''
  • Lucky Star]]'', ''[[Cat Soup]]'', and ''[[Gurren Lagann]]''.
  • [[Cosplay]] of [[Madoka Kaname]] and [[Kyubey]] from ''[[Puella Magi Madoka Magica]]'' during Tracon 2013 event at the [[Tampere Hall]] in [[Tampere]], [[Finland]]
  • Wikipe-tan]] portrayed in various anime art styles.<br>'''Counting from No. 1 to 9, each art style base''': original work, [[Kyoto Animation]], ''[[Naruto]]'', [[Type-Moon]], ''[[Case Closed]]'', ''[[Sailor Moon]]'', [[Fujiko Fujio]], [[Studio Ghibli]], and [[Makoto Shinkai]].
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An image of a person done up to look like a character from an anime film, usually flattering.
Suzie's wicked blog featured flashing gifs, brave use of bright green and best of all, a customised AniMe that highlighted her killer bod.