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Editura Militară         
Editura Militară (Military Publishing House) is a publishing house based in Bucharest, Romania. It was founded as a state-run company during the communist period on 27 December 1950.
Cartea Românească         
  • Interwar logo of Cartea Românească
Cartea Românească ("The Romanian Book") is a publishing house in Bucharest, Romania, founded in 1919. Disestablished by the communist regime in 1948, it was restored under later communism, in 1970, when it functioned as the official imprint of the Writers' Union of Romania (USR).
Asociația Tradiția Militară         
  • The unit in October 2016.
Asociația Tradiția Militară (English: Military Tradition Association) is a Romanian World War I reenactment affiliated with the Romanian Land Forces. It was founded by history enthusiasts in 2004.