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Edmond Angelo         
Edmund Angelo (October 21, 1913 – March 27, 1983) was an American theatre and film producer. He worked in the New York stage and directed the film Breakdown (1952).
Ângelo Correia         
Angelo Correia; José Ângelo Correia
Ângelo Correia is a Portuguese manager, engineer and politician, former Minister of Internal Administration of the Portuguese Government under the leadership of Aníbal Cavaco Silva.Armed Robbers, Carjackers Gain in Portugal as Economy Weakens - "said Angelo Correia, a former interior minister and a member of the Social Democrats, the biggest opposition party", Bloomberg (September 4, 2008) He was also member of the Portuguese Parliament (the Assembleia da República) for the Portuguese Social Democrats (PSD) from 1976 to 1995.
Angelo Piò         
  • Interior of the [[Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi]] in Bologna
Angelo Gabriello Piò; Angelo Pio; Angelo Gabrielle Pio
Angelo Gabriello Piò (Bologna, 1690- Bologna, 1770) was an Italian sculptor, active in Bologna in a Rococo style.