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Edmond Debeaumarché         
  • Plaque for Debeaumarché in [[Dijon]]
Edmond Debeaumarche
Edmond Debeaumarché (15 December 1906 – 28 March 1959) was a French postal worker who joined the French Resistance during World War II. For his service Debeaumarché was highly decorated.
Edmond de Burgh         
  • [[Lough Mask]].
IRISH KNIGHT (1298–1338)
Sir Edmond de Burgh; Edmond de burgh
Sir Edmund de Burgh (; ; 1298–1338) was an Irish knight and ancestor of the Burke family of Clanwilliam.
Edmond Valléry Gressier         
Edmond Vallery Gressier; Edmond Gressier
Edmond Valléry Gressier (21 December 1813, Corbie – 1 November 1892) was a French lawyer, senator for Somme (and President of its General Council) and the Minister of Agriculture of France during the Franco-Prussian War.