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Edmond Louis Alexis Dubois-Crancé         
  • Dubois Crancé by [[Aristide Croisy]]
Dubois de Crance; Edmond Louis Alexis Dubois-Crance; Dubois-Crancé
Edmond Louis Alexis Dubois-Crancé (; 14 October 1747 – 28 June 1814) was a French musketeer, general, and revolutionary politician who served for a few months as minister of war.
Alexis Leon Louis Valbrun         
  • [[Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa]]
  • [[Sophie Dawes]]
FRENCH PAINTER (1803-1852)
Valbrun Alexis Leon Louis
Alexis Leon Louis Valbrun (Paris, January 3, 1803 – Paris, 1852) was a prominent French painter specialized in portraits of the European aristocracy. He studied under Nicolas Gosse and was a pupil of Antoine-Jean Gros.
Louis Du Bois (Huguenot)         
  • Du Bois stone "fort house" on [[Huguenot Street]] in New Paltz, New York, now serves as a visitor center and museum
  • Reformed]] church in New Paltz. Du Bois co-founded the congregation and served as an elder.
Louis DuBois (Huguenot)
Louis Du Bois (21 October 1626 – 1696) was a Huguenot colonist in New Netherland who, with two of his sons and nine other refugees, founded the town of New Paltz, New York. These Protestant refugees fled Catholic persecution in France, emigrating to the Rhenish Palatinate (in present-day Germany) and then to New Netherland, where they settled in Wiltwyck (present day Kingston, New York) and Nieuw Dorp (present-day Hurley, New York, settlements midway between New Amsterdam (present day New York City) and Beverwyck (today known as Albany, New York) before ultimately founding New Paltz.