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Edmond de Belamy         
La Famille de Belamy
Edmond de Belamy is a generative adversarial network portrait painting constructed in 2018 by Paris-based arts-collective Obvious. Printed on canvas, the work belongs to a series of generative images called La Famille de Belamy.
Edmond de Burgh         
  • [[Lough Mask]].
IRISH KNIGHT (1298–1338)
Sir Edmond de Burgh; Edmond de burgh
Sir Edmund de Burgh (; ; 1298–1338) was an Irish knight and ancestor of the Burke family of Clanwilliam.
Edmond de Goncourt         
  • Etching on parchment portrait of Goncourt by [[Félix Bracquemond]] (1882).
  • [[Nadar]] - Edmont and Jules de Goncourt (1822-1896 and 1830-1870) c. 1855
FRENCH WRITER (1822-1896)
Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de Goncourt; Edmond Goncourt; Edomond Goncourt; Edmond de goncourt
Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de Goncourt (; 26 May 182216 July 1896) was a French writer, literary critic, art critic, book publisher and the founder of the Académie Goncourt.