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Edmondo Della Valle         
Edmondo Della Valle (16 November 1904–1976) was an Italian professional football player. He was born in Arce, Italy.
Filippo della Valle         
ITALIAN ARTIST (1698-1768)
Filippo Della Valle; Filippo della valle
Filippo della Valle (26 December 1698 – 29 April 1768) was an Italian late-Baroque or early Neoclassic sculptor, active mostly in Rome.
Ángel Della Valle         
  • Self-portrait<br> (unfinished, 1903?)
  • The Return of the [[Malón]] (1892)
Angel Della Valle
Ángel Della Valle (10 October 1852, Buenos Aires – 16 July 1903, Buenos Aires) was an Argentinian painter in the Realistic style who belonged to the "Generation of '80"