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Edmonton Composting Facility         
The Edmonton Composting Facility was the site of the Canadian City of Edmonton's co-composting system for processing organic waste. Co-composting involves mixing household waste with biosolids (sewage sludge), and using microorganisms to break them down into simple compost.
Edmonton Strathcona         
Edmonton--Strathcona; Edmonton–Strathcona; Edmonton—Strathcona
Edmonton Strathcona (formerly known as Edmonton—Strathcona) is a federal electoral district in Alberta, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1953. It spans the south central part of the city of Edmonton.
Flag of Edmonton         
Flag of edmonton; Flag of Edmonton, Alberta; Edmonton flag
The flag of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada features the coat of arms on a white square (Canadian pale) surmounting a light blue field.