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Edmund Beardsley Underwood         
Edmund Beardsley Underwood (1853 – April 12, 1928) was a Commodore in the United States Navy. Born in March 1853, at Humboldt Bay, in California, he was the son of U.
Melville W. Beardsley         
Colonel Melville W. Beardsley; Melville Beardsley
Melville Whitnel Beardsley (10 October 1913 in Kansas City, Missouri – 26 November 1998 in Carmel, California) was the American inventor and aeronautical engineer whose pioneering efforts may have contributed to the invention of the hovercraft.
Robert Beardsley         
Beardsley, Robert
Robert Cruce Beardsley (b. 28 January 1942) is an American oceanographer, focused on observational and numerical model studies of wind-, tidal-, and buoyancy-driven currents, mixing, and air-sea forcing on the continental shelf and marginal seas and on the impact of physical processes on biological processes and ecosystem dynamics.