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Edmund Colles         
  • Monument to Edmond Colles, St Edburga's Church, Leigh, Worcestershire, with 12 children at the base. Arms of Colles: 
''Gules, a cheveron argent barry of nine pelletée and gules between three lion's heads erased or''<ref name = VCH/>
Edmund Colles (1528–1606) was an English landowner, administrator and legislator from Worcestershire who, although sympathetic to Catholicism, held public office throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
H. C. Colles         
Henry Cope Colles; Henry Colles
Henry Cope Colles (20 April 18794 March 1943) was an English music critic, music lexicographer, writer on music and organist. He is best known for his 32 years as chief music critic of The Times (1911–1943) and for editing the 3rd and 4th editions of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1927 and 1940 respectively).
Fascia of Colles         
Deep layer of superficial fascia; Colles' fascia; Fascia of colles; Colles fascia; Stratum membranosum perinei
The membranous layer of the superficial fascia of the perineum (Colles' fascia) is the deeper layer (membranous layer) of the superficial perineal fascia. It is thin, aponeurotic in structure, and of considerable strength, serving to bind down the muscles of the root of the penis.