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Edmund Denny         
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Sir Edmund Denny; Sir Edmund Denny of Cheshunt
Sir Edmund Denny, of Cheshunt (died 1520) was a Tudor courtier and politician. He was a Baron of the Exchequer.
Denny Triangle, Seattle         
  • View of Seattle from Denny Hill in 1882 photograph by [[Theodore Peiser]]
  • Idealized bird's-eye view of the area in 1917, between Denny Regrade No. 1 and Denny Regrade No. 2. The major street running roughly horizontally in foreground is Westlake Avenue. The major street headed into the distance at right is Denny Way. Fifth Avenue marked the line between Denny Regrade No. 1 and Denny Regrade No. 2.
  • The 1884 Denny School (depicted here in 1900) on Battery Street between Fifth & Sixth Avenues was demolished in 1928, one of many major buildings demolished as part of the regrade project.
  • Denny Triangle
Denny Regrade, Seattle, WA; Denny Regrade; Denny Hill; Denny Triangle, Seattle, Washington; Denny Triangle; Denny Regrade, Seattle, Washington; Denny Regrade, Seattle
The Denny Triangle is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, United States, that stretches north of the central business district to the grounds of Seattle Center. Its generally flat terrain was originally a steep hill, taken down as part of a mammoth construction project in the first decades of the 20th century known as the Denny Regrade, which is another name for the neighborhood on the regraded area.
Anthony Denny         
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Sir Anthony Denny; Antony Denny; Denny, Anthony
Sir Anthony Denny (16 January 1501 – 10 September 1549) was Groom of the Stool to King Henry VIII of England, thus his closest courtier and confidant. He was the most prominent member of the Privy chamber in King Henry's last years, having together with his brother-in-law, John Gates, charge of the "dry stamp" of the King's signature, and attended the King on his deathbed.