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Ethnologist; Ethnologists; Ethnological; Dance ethnologist; Ethnological science; Ethnologic
  • [[Adam František Kollár]], 1779
  • [[Izmir Ethnography Museum]] (İzmir Etnografya Müzesi) seen from the courtyard.

·noun The science which treats of the division of mankind into races, their origin, distribution, and relations, and the peculiarities which characterize them.
¦ noun the study of the characteristics of different peoples and the differences and relationships between them.
ethnologic -n?'l?d??k adjective
ethnological adjective
ethnologically adverb
ethnologist noun
Science of races (treating of the mental as well as of the physical differences of the races of mankind).



Ethnology (from the Greek: ἔθνος, ethnos meaning 'nation') is an academic field & discipline that compares and analyzes the characteristics of different peoples and the relationships between them (compare cultural, social, or sociocultural anthropology).

Pronunciation examples for Ethnology
1. they coined the word ethnology.
Animal Behaviour - A Very Short Introduction _ Tristram Wyatt _ Talks at Google
2. and natural history, and botany, and ethnology.
Frontiers of Science _ Cameron Strang _ Talks at Google
3. He's an associate professor in ethnology
The Nordic Cookbook _ Magnus Nilsson _ Talks at Google
4. And he's an associate professor in ethnology specializing
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Examples of use of Ethnology
1. Nane Annan also called at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. (VNA)
2. The Ethnology Council and NA committees also prepared work reports for submission to the NA.
3. They also called on the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Ethnology Museum and the Army Museum.
4. These memories pour back at an exhibit at Hanoi‘s Museum of Ethnology titled Thoi Bao Cap‘‘ – the Subsidized Period.
5. Today, their advocate is Joanna Lipinska from the institute of ethnology and cultural anthropology at the University of Warsaw.