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Excitement; Excitation (disambiguation); Excitement (disambiguation); Exciting; Excite

(excites, exciting, excited)
If something excites you, it makes you feel very happy, eager, or enthusiastic.
I only take on work that excites me, even if it means turning down lots of money...
Where the show really excites is in the display of avant-garde photography.
VERB: V n, V
If something excites a particular feeling, emotion, or reaction in someone, it causes them to experience it.
Daniel's early exposure to motor racing did not excite his interest...
= arouse
·vt To call forth or increase the vital activity of an organism, or any of its parts.
II. Excite ·add. ·vt To energize (an electro-magnet); to produce a magnetic field in; as, to excite a dynamo.
III. Excite ·vt To call to activity in any way; to rouse to feeling; to kindle to passionate emotion; to stir up to combined or general activity; as, to excite a person, the spirits, the passions; to excite a mutiny or insurrection; to excite heat by friction.
v. a.
Arouse, rouse, awaken, evoke, provoke, call forth, stimulate, incite, animate, kindle, inflame, brew, stir up.
Raise, create, evoke, elicit, give rise to, put in motion.
Disturb, agitate, discompose, irritate, provoke.



Excitation, excite, exciting, or excitement may refer to:

  • Excitation (magnetic), provided with an electrical generator or alternator
  • Excite Ballpark, located in San Jose, California
  • Excite (web portal), web portal owned by IAC
  • Electron excitation, the transfer of an electron to a higher atomic orbital
  • Excitement (film), a lost 1924 silent comedy by Robert F. Hill
  • Sexual excitation
  • Stimulation or excitation or excitement, the action of various agents on nerves, muscles, or a sensory end organ, by which activity is evoked
  • "Exciting", a song by Hieroglyphics from the album The Kitchen
Pronunciation examples for Excite
1. excites people,
2. It didn't excite me.
Jet Girl - My Life in Peace, War & the Cockpit of the Navy's Most Lethal Aircraft _ Talks at Google
3. that really excites me.
Barney Swan _ Skiing to The South Pole on Renewable Energy _ Talks at Google
4. And this excites me,
5. so excites Christian Rudder.
Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection _ Jacob Silverman _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Excite
1. Despite the development will excite conspiracy theorists.
2. In the USA too, these core conservative issues excite voters.
3. This phenomenon continues to excite the media and the public.
4. Other services included those run by Yahoo, Excite Japan Co.
5. Despite THIS, the development will excite conspiracy theorists.