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What (who) is Geic - definition

·adj Pertaining to, or derived from, earthy or vegetable mold.
¦ noun Brit. informal a child's word for a horse.
C19: reduplication of gee2.
·vi To Congeal.
Pronunciation examples for Geic
1. Geico, Nationwide, .
The Sumo Advantage _ Bernie Brenner _ Talks at Google
2. like the Geico gecko.
Get Some Headspace _ Andy Puddicombe _ Talks at Google
3. high persistency at Geico.
Global Value Investing _ Thomas Russo _ Talks at Google
4. It had financed Geico.
Trying to Solve the Investment Puzzle _ Chuck Akre _ Talks at Google
5. JOE MULVIHILL: --Geico commercial.
Three Decades of R&B Hits _ Boyz II Men _ Talks at Google