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Greater Vienna () was the name given to an enlarged version of Vienna. First attempts at the formation of Greater Vienna already date back to the times of the Habsburg monarchy.
  • Courtyard of the [[Museumsquartier]] with ''Enzi'' seating furniture
  • Crowds greet [[Adolf Hitler]] as he rides in an open car through Vienna in March 1938
  • ''Demel Café''
  • ''Vienna from Belvedere'' by [[Bernardo Bellotto]], 1758
  • Many international organizations and offices are located in [[Donaustadt]].
  • [[Ernst-Happel-Stadion]] in the Prater
  • Vienna in 1966
  • "HoHo Wien" in January 2020
  • [[Karlskirche]], located on the south side of [[Karlsplatz]] in the 4th city district
  • Messe Wien Congress Center
  • Depiction of Vienna in the ''[[Nuremberg Chronicle]]'', 1493
  • Albertina Terrace in the [[Innere Stadt]]
  • Rathaus]], the seat of the city's mayor
  • The Ring Road (Ringstraße) with a historical tram
  • Vienna's ''Ringstraße'' and the State Opera in around 1870
  • ''[[Sachertorte]]''
  • Schönbrunn]] gardens in autumn
  • parliament]]
  • Statue of Mozart during spring in Vienna
  • Stephansplatz metro station]]
  • The [[University of Vienna]]'s main building
  • Danube Tower]] in the nearby Donaupark before the extensive building work
  • Map of the districts of Vienna with numbers
  • Monument of [[Johann Strauss II]] at [[Stadtpark, Vienna]]
  • Satellite image of Vienna (2018)
  • x30px
  • Vienna population pyramid in 2022
  • Vienna in 1683
  • Austria Center Vienna (ACV)
  • Occupation zones in Vienna, 1945–55
  • Color lithograph of Vienna, 1900
  • A typical Heurigen-Restaurant in Grinzing
  • ''[[Wiener Schnitzel]]''
Vienna, Austria; Vienna (state); Bécs; UN/LOCODE:ATVIE; Vínarborg; Wien; Wienna; Capital of Austria; Vindobonensis; Wene; Vinarborg; Government of Vienna; Viena; Vienna (Austria); Architecture of Vienna; City of Vienna; Vienna, AT-9; Wien, Austria; Habsburg, Austria; Demographics of Vienna; Post-War Vienna; Postwar Vienna; Viennese people; Economy of Vienna; Geography of Vienna; Politics of Vienna; Education in Vienna; Culture of Vienna; Religion in Vienna; Vindobonae; Museums in Vienna; Tourism in Vienna; Political history of Vienna; Climate of Vienna
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Vienna Biocenter         
  • Vienna Biocenter Campus 5
  • Vienna Biocenter Campus 5
  • Vienna Biocenter Campus 3
Vienna BioCenter
The Vienna BioCenter is a cluster of life science research institutes and biotechnology companies located in the 3rd municipal District of Vienna, Austria. It grew around the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), which opened in 1988.