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Greater Western franchise         
Greater Western is a railway franchise for the provision of passenger services from London Paddington to the Cotswolds, West of England, South West England and South Wales. The current holder is Great Western Railway.
East Anglia franchise         
  • Cambridge station]]
  • 321311]] at [[Liverpool Street station]]
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  • Ipswich station]] in July 2013
Greater Anglia franchise; Greater Anglia Franchise; Greater Anglia Rail Franchise; Abellio East Anglia; National Express East Anglia Trains
The East Anglia franchise is a railway franchise for passenger trains on the Great Eastern Main Line and West Anglia Main Lines in England. It commenced operating in April 2004 when the Anglia and Great Eastern franchises, together with the West Anglia part of the West Anglia Great Northern franchise, were combined to form the Greater Anglia franchise.
Electoral Franchise Act         
  • ''Grip'']] (May 2, 1885), commenting on the complexity of the qualifications the ''Electoral Franchise Act'' imposed
  • Cartoon of [[John A. Macdonald]] and [[William Ewart Gladstone]], comparing the ''Electoral Franchise Act'' to British statutes such as the [[Representation of the People Act 1884]] and the [[Redistribution of Seats Act 1885]]
Draft:Electoral Franchise Act, 1885; 1885 Electoral Franchise Act
The Electoral Franchise Act, 1885,Electoral Franchise Act, 1885, SC 1885 (48 & 49 Vict), c 40; RSC 1886, c 5. was a federal statute that regulated elections in Canada for a brief period in the late 19th century.
Examples of use of Greater Western franchise
1. First Group, which is bidding to retain the Greater Western franchise, believes the service is too cheap.