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Greater Winnipeg Water District Aqueduct         
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The Greater Winnipeg Water District Aqueduct supplies the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba with water from Shoal Lake in the Kenora District of Ontario. It was put in service in 1919 http://www.
Aqueduct (bridge)         
  • The colonial Aqueduct, [[Tepotzotlán]], [[State of Mexico]]
  • [[Kavala aqueduct]], Greece
  • [[Aqueduct of Segovia]]
  • Ancient Indian aqueduct in [[Hampi]]
  • [[Mathur Aqueduct]], India
  • Roman]] aqueduct built circa 40–60 CE. It is one of France's top tourist attractions and a [[World Heritage Site]].
  • The Aqueduto dos Pegões in [[Tomar]], Portugal
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Water bridges; Waterbridge; Waterbridges; Water-bridge; Water-bridges
Aqueducts (or water bridges) are bridges constructed to convey watercourses across gaps such as valleys or ravines. The term aqueduct may also be used to refer to the entire watercourse, as well as the bridge.
  • The Forks]]. The city lies at the bottom of the [[Red River Valley]], a flood plain with a flat topography.
  • Entrance to [[CFB Winnipeg]]. CFB Winnipeg is the home garrison for a number of [[Royal Canadian Air Force]] units.
  • ICI Manitoba]] is the French-language station.
  • [[Centennial Concert Hall]] is a [[performing arts centre]] that is home to the [[Manitoba Opera]], [[Royal Winnipeg Ballet]], and the [[Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra]].
  • Centred on the intersection of [[Portage and Main]], [[Downtown Winnipeg]] is the city's [[central business district]].
  • St. Boniface]] neighbourhood.
  • The Korean Pavilion during [[Folklorama]].
  • Winnipeg is home to the [[Manitoba Legislative Building]], which houses the [[Legislative Assembly of Manitoba]].
  • Red]] rivers. [[Fort Gibraltar]] was erected in 1809.
  • Winters are cold with little precipitation in Winnipeg.
  • inter-city]] [[railway station]] for the city.
  • Nazi]] occupation of the city to raise [[war bonds]].
  • seat of municipal government]].
  • Crowd gathered outside old City Hall during the [[Winnipeg General Strike]] in 1919
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