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Greatest Maksim         
Greatest Maksim is the eighth studio album by Maksim Mrvica. EMI released the album on 23 March 2008.
Maksim Haretski         
  • Maksim Haretski on a 1993 Belarusian stamp
Maksim Harecki; Maxim Goretski
Maksim Harecki (18 February 1893 – 10 February 1938; , ) was a Belarusian prose writer, journalist, activist of the Belarusian national-democratic renewal, folklorist, lexicographer, professor. Maksim Harecki was also known by his pen-names Maksim Biełarus, M.
Maksim I         
Serbian Patriarch Maksim I; Maksim, Serbian Patriarch; Serbian Patriarch Maksm; Maxim, Serbian Patriarch; Maxim I, Serbian Patriarch; Serbian Patriarch Maxim I; Serbian Patriarch Maxim; Patriarch Maksim; Maksim I, Serbian Patriarch; Patriarch Maksim I
Maksim I Skopljanac () (died 29 October 1680) was a Archbishop of Peć and Serbian Patriarch between 1655 and 1674. He lived in the Patriarchal Monastery of Peć In 1674, he resigned due to advanced age, and died in 1680.