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·noun ·pl The sediment of melted tallow. It is made into cakes for dogs' food. In Scotland it is called cracklings.
Greaves Park Hotel, Lancaster         
  • Greaves Park in 2012
  • Tithe Map of Greaves Park 1844
  • Map of Greaves Park 1891
  • Ad for sale of Greaves House 1873
User:Maypm/Greaves Park Hotel, Lancaster; Greaves Park Hotel, Lancaster
Greaves House in Greaves Park, Lancaster, England. It is a Grade II listed building English Heritage Register Online reference It was built in 1843 for the Reverend Samuel Simpson and is now a restaurant and caters for special events particularly weddings.
Samuel Greaves         
Samuel A. Greaves
Samuel A. Greaves is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General who is now a vice president and the chief architect for space and launch at Boeing.



Greaves may refer to:

  • Greave, armour that protects the leg (military)
  • Greaves (crater), a lunar crater near the southwest edge of Mare Crisium
  • Greaves (food), an edible by-product of the rendering process
  • Greaves (surname), people with the surname
Pronunciation examples for Greaves
1. A pair of gilded bronze greaves--
The Amazons _ Adrienne Mayor _ Talks at Google
2. and the uneven greaves had obviously
The Amazons _ Adrienne Mayor _ Talks at Google
3. And even more curious, if you take a look at those greaves,
The Amazons _ Adrienne Mayor _ Talks at Google
4. greaves, leg armor, shin guards, are shown on the right there.
The Amazons _ Adrienne Mayor _ Talks at Google
5. he was given a review paper for Cacum that was done by a student of David Greaves who
Coders at Work _ Peter Seibel _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Greaves
1. Greaves radioed a Mayday warning to Jakarta control.
2. You cannot allow the likes of Tony Greaves, now inexplicably Lord Greaves, the epitome of the stroppy local activist, to humble Norman Lamb, as happened over Royal Mail.
3. This five–star luxury holiday is courtesy of Greaves Travel.
4. His mother is a painter, his father the MD and CEO of Greaves Cotton.
5. John Greaves is busy recording an album of dark, visceral settings of Verlaine.