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Greek Civil War         
  • George II]]: "''This is what they fear! Vote for the King!''"
  • [[Alexandros Papagos]] was appointed Commander-in-Chief in early 1949.
  • Resistance]]
  • DSE]] fighters during mortar training
  • Map showing the distribution of refugees from Greece after the civil war
  • Greek Parliament]], while others are running for their lives; moments after the first shootings that left at least 28 dead and signalled the beginning of the ''Dekemvriana'' events
  • Organisation and military bases of the "Democratic Army", as well as entry routes to Greece (legend in Greek)
  • Pamphlet calling workers from different neighbours of Athens to fight against the Greek Government and its British support
  • Democratic Army deployment in 1948
  • The leadership of the National Army after the successful operations in Grammos sector (Operation Pyrsos/Torch). [[Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos]] is at the front.
  • Military trial of communists during the war. In many cases the punishment was the death penalty.
  • The military prison camp of [[Makronisos]] opened during the civil war for communist or left-sympathizer soldiers aiming to force their compliance. It was closed after the end of the military junta in 1974.
  • [[Markos Vafiadis]]
  • [[Nikos Zachariadis]]
  • Parachute Regiment]] during the battle
  • The band of [[Alexandros Rosios]] (second from right) attacked the police station in Litochoro, the night of the March 1946 elections.
  • An order of General Scobie signed and printed on the government's newspaper "Η ΕΛΛΑΣ" (December 6), enforcing the government's ultimatum (December 1) for the immediate disarmament of all guerrilla forces
  • George II]] during his visit to a Greek fighter station, 1944
  • Athenians celebrate the liberation, October 1944.
  • ELAS]] guerillas
Greek civil war; Hellenic Civil War; Paidomazoma (Greek Civil War)
First phase:1943–1944()Second Phase:3 December 1944 – 11 January 1945()Third Phase:30 March 1946 – 16 October 1949()
Air operations during the Greek Civil War         
  • 6}} off Piraeus, in August 1949.
Air operations during the Greek Civil War involved primarily the air forces of the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the government of Greece against ground elements of the ELAS and other anti-government forces.
Greek civil wars of 1823–1825         
  • 23px
Civil wars during the Greek War of Independence; Greek civil wars of 1824-1825; Greek Civil War (1824–1825); First Greek civil war; Second Greek civil war; Greek Civil War (1824-1825); Greek civil wars of 1824-25; Greek civil wars of 1824–25; Greek civil wars of 1824–1825; Greek civil wars of 1823-1825
The Greek Civil Wars of 1823–1825 occurred alongside the Greek War of Independence. The conflict had both political and regional dimensions, as it pitted the Roumeliotes, who lived in mainland Greece, and shipowners from the Islands, primarily Hydra island, against the Peloponnesians or Moreotes.
Examples of use of Greek Civil War
1. In the Greek civil war in the 1'40s, we helped build a Greek security force of 182,000 soldiers in two years.
2. Gruevski is believed to have demanded that people who left FYROM during the Greek civil war should have their nationality and property restored.
3. Firefighters had trouble reaching two of the blazes in Ioannina and Kastoria because of land mines dating from World War II and the Greek Civil war over 60 years ago.
4. The trauma of the Greek civil war, in which more than a million people died, at last seems to be fading into history; the dark night of the colonels seems to have been deliberately consigned to the national subconscious.
5. Skopje‘s parliament yesterday adopted a resolution seeking the return of properties supposedly lost by citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) who left Greece during the Greek civil war.