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Greek citron         
  • Aron Kodesh]] in Corfu
  • "Cedro col Pigolo" - the citron with persisting [[carpel]], was illustrated and described by [[Johann Christoph Volkamer]] in 1708, as the Jewish citron
  • An old specimen of the ordang type, whole, cut in length and in width
  • The seashore of [[Parga]] and its castle
  • Munkatch]], Rabbi [[Chaim Elazar Spira]], author of ''Minhath Elazar''
  • Rabbi Yitzhak Elhanan Spektor, a known opponent of the Corfu etrog
Greek Citron; Variety etrog; Variety Esrog; Variety Etrog; Corfu Etrog
The Greek citron variety of Citrus medica (, or יְוָנִי) was botanically classified by Adolf Engler as the "variety etrog". This is remarking on its major use for the Jewish ritual etrog during Sukkot.
Robert Citron         
Robert Lafee Citron; Robert L. Citron; Robert L Citron; Citron, Robert
Robert Lafee Citron (April 14, 1925 – January 16, 2013) was a longtime Treasurer-Tax Collector of Orange County, California, when it declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy on December 6, 1994. The bankruptcy was brought on by Citron's investment strategies, Chapter 14: Orange County, pp.
Marcia Citron         
Marcia citron; Marcia J. Citron
Marcia Judith Citron (born 1945) is an American professor of musicology at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is a leading musicologist specializing in issues regarding women and gender, opera and film.