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Greek frigate Elli         
Greek frigate Elli (F450) () is the lead ship of the Greek of frigates and the third Hellenic Navy ship by that name. The class is based on the Royal Netherlands Navy's and was built in a Dutch shipyard; however, unlike later members of its class in the Hellenic Navy, it was not originally in Dutch service, but was sold directly to Greece.
Greek ship Elli         
Greek cruiser Elli
Three ships of the Hellenic Navy have borne the name Elli (Έλλη), named after the First Balkan War Battle of Elli:
Elli Köngäs-Maranda         
Elli Kongas-Maranda; Elli Kaija Köngäs
Elli-Kaija Köngäs-Maranda (11 January 1932, Tervola, Finland – 1 November 1982, Québec City, Canada) was an internationally renowned anthropologist and feminist folklorist. She studied Finnish language and folklore at the University of Helsinki, where she received her B.