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Greek music in Israel         
  • [[Glykeria]] during a concert held in [[Rishon Le-Zion]], September 2013
Greek music in Israel is very popular and Greek musicians often visit Israel while on world tours.The Greek pillar of Israeli music Popular Greek singers who have performed in Israel include Manolis Angelopoulos, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Glykeria, Nikos Vertis and Natassa Theodoridou.
Music of Israel         
  • [[Amal Murkus]] talks about her art
  • "Ayliluli" by [[Chava Alberstein]]
  • Rock musician [[Berry Sakharof]].
  • Yemenite singer [[Bracha Zefira]]
  • "Lemele", traditional Yiddish song, sung by Chava Alberstein
  • Israeli folk singer [[Chava Alberstein]].
  • West-Eastern Divan Orchestra]], a project bringing together Israeli and Arab musicians.
  • "Eliphelet" sung by one of the lehakot tsva'iyot
  • "Ghareeba", by [[Kamilya Jubran]]
  • "HaPerach BeGani" sung by [[Zohar Argov]]
  • A book of Hebrew songs by [[Hanina Karchevsky]], published 1927
  • [[Jewish Brigade]] soldiers dancing the Hora
  • The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs in the desert town of Beersheba, 1948.
  • [[Ivri Lider]]
  • Kobi Oz of [[Teapacks]]
  • "LaKahat et Yadi BeYadeh", by [[Yoni Rechter]], sung by [[Yehudit Ravitz]]
  • "Moshe" sung by [[Yaffa Yarkoni]]
  • Israeli poet [[Nathan Alterman]]
  • "Nehederet" sung by Yehoram Gaon
  • [[Esther Ofarim]]
  • "Pashut VeAmiti (פשוט ואמיתי)" by [[Zehava Ben]]
  • "Raash Lavan" by [[Berry Sakharof]]
  • Tsemed HaParvarim]]
  • Rock singer Shalom Hanoch
  • Medley of songs from rock album "Shablul", by [[Arik Einstein]] and [[Shalom Hanoch]]
  • "Shtu HaAdarim" sung by [[Esther Ofarim]]
  • "Numi Numi" sung by [[Ahuva Tsadok]]
  • "Shir Hamitpachat", sung by [[Arik Sinai]]
  • "Ein Adir K'Adonai" sung by [[Bracha Zefira]]
  • "Emet El ShimHa" sung by [[Shoshana Damari]]
  • "Anu Nihiyeh HaRishonim" sung by [[IDF Choir]]
  • Singer [[Yardena Arazi]], who started her career in the ''Lehakot Tsva'iyot''.
  • "Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" sung by Shuli Natan
  • "At Adama" sung by [[Ran Eliran]]
  • [[Zohar Argov]]
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The music of Israel is a combination of Jewish and non-Jewish music traditions that have come together over the course of a century to create a distinctive musical culture. For almost 150 years, musicians have sought original stylistic elements that would define the emerging national spirit.
Music of Greece         
  • [[Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo di Corfù]], the first theatre and [[opera]] house of modern Greece and the place where the first Greek opera, [[Spyridon Xyndas]]' "The Parliamentary Candidate" based on an exclusively Greek [[libretto]] was performed.
  • [[Cretan lyra]]s
  • [[Dionysis Savvopoulos]]
  • [[Haris Alexiou]]
  • Different types of [[laouto]]
  • [[Mikis Theodorakis]]
  • [[Rotting Christ]] on stage
  • Smyrna-style rebetiko trio: [[Dimitrios Semsis]], [[Agapios Tomboulis]], [[Roza Eskenazi]] (Athens 1932)
  • [[Nikos Skalkottas]] (1904–1949) drew his influences from both the classical repertoire and the Greek folk tradition.
  • [[Sofia Vembo]]
  • [[Spyridon Samaras]] (1861–1917)
  • Vangelis Papathanassiou (Vangelis)]]
  • Greek playing [[tambouras]], 18th-century painting
Greek music; Greek Music; Greek guitarists; Amanes; Music of greece; List of Greeks in music; Amané; Amanédhes; Rum music; Greek music in Turkey; Popular music in Greece
The music of Greece is as diverse and celebrated as its history. Greek music separates into two parts: Greek traditional music and Byzantine music, with more eastern sounds.