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  • 2315 compatible disk cartridge.(dimensions 1 3/8 x 15 in.)
  • Punched card containing a self-loading 1130 program that would copy the deck of cards placed after it in the input hopper.
  • [[IBM 1442]] card reader/punch
  • IBM 1130 with peripherals, including paper tape reader punch, [[IBM 1442]] card reader/punch (rear) and [[IBM 1627]] Calcomp plotter.
  • IBM 1130 DUP control card example
  • IBM 1130 console
  • [[IBM 1627]] drum plotter.
  • IBM 2315 disk cartridge
  • '''apl \ 1130''' <br />apl \ 1130 sample session
  • A double width SLT card from an IBM 1130. The square metal cans contain the hybrid circuits.
  • IBM 1132 line printer

IBM 1130         
<computer> A computer introduced by IBM in 1965. It was their cheapest computer to date, and was aimed at price-sensitive, computing-intensive technical markets like education and engineering. It notably included inexpensive disk storage. Non-IBM clones were produced. IBM 1130 Enthusiasts ( (2005-01-17)
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Papal schism of 1130; Papal schism of 1130–38; Papal schism of 1130-38; Papal election, 1130; 1130 Papal election
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  • [[Pope Honorius II]]
MCXXX; 1130 (year); Year 1130; AD 1130; 1130 CE; 1130 AD; Events in 1130; Births in 1130; Deaths in 1130
Year 1130 (MCXXX) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


IBM 1130

The IBM 1130 Computing System, introduced in 1965, was IBM's least expensive computer at that time. A binary 16-bit machine, it was marketed to price-sensitive, computing-intensive technical markets, like education and engineering, succeeding the decimal IBM 1620 in that market segment. Typical installations included a 1 megabyte disk drive that stored the operating system, compilers and object programs, with program source generated and maintained on punched cards. Fortran was the most common programming language used, but several others, including APL, were available.

The 1130 was also used as an intelligent front-end for attaching an IBM 2250 Graphics Display Unit, or as remote job entry (RJE) workstation, connected to a System/360 mainframe.

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1. IBM 1130, and he really credits the ability to recode.
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