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Isolationist; Isolationists; Isolationalist; Isolationist foreign policy; Isolationsim

¦ noun a policy of remaining apart from the political affairs of other countries.
isolationist noun
If you refer to isolationism, you are referring to a country's policy of avoiding close relationships with other countries and of not taking sides in disputes between other countries.
...the perils of isolationism.
isolationist (isolationists)
The government had to overcome isolationist opposition to the plan.
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Isolationism is a political philosophy advocating a national foreign policy that opposes involvement in the political affairs, and especially the wars, of other countries. Thus, isolationism fundamentally advocates neutrality and opposes entanglement in military alliances and mutual defense pacts. In its purest form, isolationism opposes all commitments to foreign countries including treaties and trade agreements. This distinguishes isolationism from non-interventionism, which also advocates military neutrality but does not necessarily oppose international commitments and treaties in general.

This contrasts with philosophies such as colonialism, expansionism, and liberal internationalism.

Pronunciation examples for Isolationist
1. isolationist policy.
Reflections on Iran _ Ken Taylor _ Talks at Google
2. nationalist or isolationist.
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3. isolationist, like basically multimedia masturbation,
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4. we can either operate like separate isolationist
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5. Before the war, your security policy had been isolationist.
Examples of use of Isolationist
1. While he is not an isolationist, he clearly is playing to isolationist sentiments.
2. The isolationist regime is deeply suspicious of outsiders.
3. To what extent is the Iraqi government isolationist.
4. Americans have grown more isolationist and concerned about immigration.
5. It also prompted it to pursue a more isolationist and fundamentalist agenda.