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Korczak (Movie); Korczak (movie)

Janus kinase         
Janus family kinases; Just another kinase; Janus Kinase; Janus kinases; Janus protein kinase; JAK kinase
Janus kinase (JAK) is a family of intracellular, non-receptor tyrosine kinases that transduce cytokine-mediated signals via the JAK-STAT pathway. They were initially named "just another kinase" 1 and 2 (since they were just two of many discoveries in a PCR-based screen of kinases), but were ultimately published as "Janus kinase".
Janus la Cour         
  • Janus la Cour: ''Moesgård Strand'' (1890)
DANISH ARTIST (1837-1909)
Janus Andreas Bartholin la Cour
Janus Andreas Bartholin la Cour (5 September 1837 – 13 October 1909) was a Danish painter who is remembered for his landscapes painted in the classical style of the Eckersberg school.
  • The traditional ascription of the "Temple of Janus" at [[Autun]], Burgundy, is disputed.
  • as]]'' from [[Canusium]] depicting a laureate Janus with the prow of a ship on the reverse
  • A [[cylinder seal]] depicting the gods [[Ishtar]], [[Shamash]], [[Enki]], and [[Isimud]], who is shown with two faces (circa 2300 BC)
  • Cameron's Gallery]], [[Tsarskoye Selo]]; fot. [[Ivonna Nowicka]]
  • The month of January is named after Janus
  • Different depictions of Janus from [[Bernard de Montfaucon]]'s ''L'antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures''
  • The temple of Janus with closed doors, on a ''sestertius'' issued under [[Nero]] in 66 AD from the mint at [[Lugdunum]]
Bifrons; Janus Geminus; Janus (god); Janus Quadrifrons; Count bifrons; Janus (Roman religion); Janus in popular culture; Ianus; Janus Bifrons; Janus head; Ianus (mythology); Janus (mythology); Gates of War
1. Distributed language with an ask/tell constraint system. qdjanus is a Janus-to-Prolog compiler for Sicstus Prolog and jc is compiles to C. ["Janus: A Step Towards Distributed Constraint Programming", V. Saraswat <saraswat@parc.xerox.com> et al in Logic Programming: Proc 1990 North Am Conf, S. Debray et al eds, MIT Press 1990]. ["Programming in Janus", Saraswat, Kahn, and Levy]. 2. W.M. Waite, U Colorado. Intermediate language, claimed as an implementation of UNCOL. Used on CDC 6600. ["Experience with the Universal Intermediate Language Janus", B.K. Haddon et al, Soft Prac & Exp 8(5):601- 616 (Sep 1978)].


Korczak (film)

Korczak is a 1990 black-and-white biographical war film directed by Andrzej Wajda and written by Agnieszka Holland, about Polish-Jewish humanitarian Janusz Korczak. An international co-production between Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom, it stars Wojciech Pszoniak as Korczak, with Ewa Dałkowska, Teresa Budzisz-Krzyzanowska, Marzena Trybala, Piotr Kozlowski, Zbigniew Zamachowski and Jan Peszek.

The film was screened out of competition at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival. The film was selected as the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 63rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.