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Kappe Arabhatta         
  • The 7th century Kappe Arabhatta inscription
Kappe Arabhattan
Kappe Arabhatta () was a Chalukya warrior of the 8th century who is known from a Kannada verse inscription, dated to c. 700 CE, and carved on a cliff overlooking the northeast end of the artificial lake in Badami, Karnataka, India.
Shelly Kappe         
Shelly Kappe (born 1928 in Philadelphia, PA) is an architectural historian and academic who specializes in the residential history of Los Angeles.  She was a founding member of the faculty at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), an independent school of architecture created in 1972.
Free Society of Teutonia         
Free society of teutonia; Walter Kappe; Freigemeinschaft von Teutonia
The Free Society of Teutonia was one of the earliest Nazi organizations in the United States. It was officially a German American organization, but also publicly expressed a strong support for Nazi Germany and Nazism in general.